A Dream and A Train歌词

Kelly Clarkson - Just Missed The Train
Roll over baby
The time has come
To make a little bit more room
I've hung around you
It's getting tough
I think I'm gonna break down soon
Well, I remember
Crying in the park
It was getting dark
Suddenly I looked up
You were my sky
So go on
And sleep darlin'
Why don't you pretend we were just a dream?
It's cool baby
It doesn't matter anyway
Well, I'm so sorry
Got to the station a little too late
Such a shame
We just missed the train
Just missed the train
Be quiet angel
Don't make a sound
Save it for a rainy day
Oh can't you see me?
I'm such a mess
Trying hard to find my way
Do you remember
Wastin' all the time?
We were feeling fine
Though we couldn't walk a line
We were alright
So go on
And sleep darlin'
Why don't